How does it works?

Skype ™ is a telecommunications application software that specializes in providing video chat and voice calls from computers, tablets and mobile devices via the Internet to other devices or telephones/smartphones. You own a unique Skype name.

But how to contact other users if you don't know their Skype name ?
You can try the embeded search box, but it's not the good way to find new friends, because you never know anything about the contacts of the search result. You could post your Skype name on Facebook or on websites, but it is very dangerous because anybody would be able to contact you...

The site Speed-Friends fulfill your request ! is a kind of anonymous directory. You just have to sign in by typing your Skype Id, authenticate by following the instructions, and then list the other members of the site. They signed in for the same reasons as yours. 


To chat on Skype with these members, you will have to ask them as friend. 

If the member accepts your request, you will see many green buttons and the Skype logo below his profile. Just click on it. The Skype software will open automatically on the selected contact and you can add it in your Skype contacts ans start Chatting.

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