How to chat on skype ?

To chat on Skype, you need to know Skype id of peoples. But thoses Skype id (also called Skype name) are private, as phone numbers, and it can bee dangerous to display them on internet.

  1. Login on the website with your Skype id : and finalize your profile by choosing sex, age, and privacy
  2. Browse members using the search box
  3. To get Skype Grils id and Skype boys id, you just need to click the gray "Skype buttons" :

  4. Write a message to the person before sending your request :

  5. You demand is pending and you have to wait the person accepts of refuse your request. Refresh your page check your request status.

  6. Once the person accepts, the skype buttons turn green, and the Skype logo turn blue. You just need to click on one of the button and the browser will lauchn automatically your skype and connect you with the person

  7. For the first time, your browser may ask you autorisation to launch the skype software

  8. Send your message, as contact, call ... Enjoy!!!



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